Social networking like a pro

The Importance of Community

 You can never underestimate the benefits of surrounding yourself with like-minded people.   

We live in an age of virtual networks in which people have hundreds of Facebook friends, but only a small handful of people they can call-up for a chat, or a coffee, or just to hang-out with; this makes it all the more important that we invest the time to create, nurture and grow our relationships in real life and take our social networking from the virtual into reality.

The world is your campus

 It was so much easier to make new friends throughout school and university. The odds of bumping into like-minded people in the classroom or on campus were pretty good.   

But now that the office is your classroom and the world is your campus, it's easy to wonder 'how to make new friends'? All too often, you find that you have to put yourself out there to meet people that you actually want to spend your free time with. Otherwise it's so easy to get stuck in a rut and never quite make the social progress that you want to make. When it comes to enhancing your social life, every little tip helps... 

Aim big...

 Deep conversations are the best. But it's not easy to have them with people you don't know so well. If only everyone had a 'big talk' mentality, wouldn't we get so much more out of spending time with each other? 

New motivation

 New day, new motivation to spruce up your life! It's funny how dramatically quality of life improves when you surround yourself with good, like-minded, intelligent and positive people... 

One of the simplest tips we've had about making new friends is that having one commonality with someone is not enough; you need at least two commonalities to create a friendship. So a basic friendship formula looks something like this:  

"First Commonality + Second Commonality = Potential Friendship"  

If you're at a London Hindu Gujarati Network event, you've already nailed the first commonality...which means that there's only one to go. Amongst a group of smart, educated professionals with a similar background, how hard can that be?  You can test out the friendship formula at the next event of the London Hindu Gujarati Network and let us know how it turns out...

...but start small

 "Having robust relationships makes you happier, safeguards your health, and predicts professional success ...But one does not simply dive into conversational depths immediately; you have to, as they say, “make friends” first."  

You have to wade through the small talk to get to the 'big talk' which allows you to build meaningful relationships. So knowing that you share some common ground with the person you're speaking to can give you a head start and help to make the small talk that much easier...