London Hindu Gujarati Network

The London Hindu Gujarati Network

The Rules of Engagement

We're all about unity and positivity. By joining the London Hindu Gujarati Network, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions set out below. Please keep an eye on this page, as we may update these terms and conditions from time to time:

1. I.D. Member profiles without real names, or real answers to our profile questions, may be denied membership/removed from membership of our network. As a social group, it is expected that members have a real face photo of themselves on their profiles – this makes it much easier to look out for you at events and in turn for you to identify others. We reserve the right to request to see proof of ID at our events.

2. Etiquette. We spend time and effort to arrange the LHGN and FLaMes events and answer queries - we actually run this organisation in addition to our day-jobs! So be nice and respectful to us or leave this organisation. No arguments are allowed with the organisers – ever.

3. Behaviour. This organisation is intended to be a safe, fun environment for the London Hindu Gujarati community. We therefore require our members to act respectfully at all times and, bearing in mind the broad demographic of our group, to avoid behaviour that may make other members of the network feel uncomfortable. Rudeness, bullying, and oppressive, aggressive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated, and may result in your immediate removal from the network.

4. Attendance. Some of our events are very popular and can result in long waiting lists. Please only RSVP yes to events if you are sure you can attend. Please give a 24 hour notice if you can't attend an event. Three no-shows will also result in your removal from the network.

5. Photos/videos. By joining our network, you agree that our events may be photographed and/or filmed for the purpose of promoting this network (either online or in print media). These photos and/or videos may be used on our website as well as our Meetup, Twitter, Facebook and/or other relevant webpages. If you have a problem being photographed at a particular event then please don't RSVP that event.

6. Spamming/promotion. If you would like to promote something that is relevant to the group, send us a message. Do NOT spam the comments section of our or our members' inboxes.

And finally...

If you have enjoyed one of our meet-ups we’d encourage you to drop us a line letting us know that – good feedback from our members will keep us motivated to keep the group going and arranging fun things for the Gujarati community in London!